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The Division of Historical Resources is part of the Florida Department of State's Office of Cultural, Historical and Information Programs (OCHIP) in the Office of the Secretary of State.

The Office of the Secretary of State was created by the 1838 constitution to begin functioning in 1845 with statehood. At that time, the Secretary of State was given the duty to serve as the keeper of the Great Seal of the State of Florida and as the official custodian of the Laws of Florida. Today, in addition to retaining the original vestiges of the office as custodian of the Great Seal of the State of Florida, the State flag and all original acts passed by the Legislature, the Secretary of State also serves as the State's Chief Elections Officer, Chief Cultural Officer and custodian of the laws of the state and books, papers, journals and documents of the Legislature. Presently, the Department of State includes, in addition to the Office of Cultural, Historical, and Information Programs, the Division of Administrative Services, the Division of Elections and the Division of Corporations. Finally, the Secretary of State is appointed by the Governor of Florida and the Department is an Executive Agency.

Joining the Division of Historical Resources in OCHIP are the Division of Cultural Affairs and the Division of Library and Information Services.

The mission of the Division of Cultural Affairs is to guide and facilitate cultural development and services for Florida's citizens and visitors through public/private partnerships. The Division is committed to bringing more art and culture, to more people, in more places in Florida by offering:

  • Programs such as the Art in State Buildings Program, the Capitol Complex Exhibition Program, the Florida Artists Hall of Fame, International Cultural Exchanges and Information Services.
  • Grants in the categories of General Program Support, Cultural Projects and Capital Projects.

The Division of Cultural Affairs also oversees the Museum of Florida History which coordinates exhibits and other museum programs and is responsible for promoting and encouraging knowledge and appreciation of Florida history by collecting, preserving and exhibiting historical artifacts and publicizing Florida history. In addition, the Museum maintains and operates the Knott House Museum.

The Division of Library and Information Services provides library, records management, and archival services at the state and local level. The Division of Library and Information Services provides direct library services to state government; develops library services statewide; and provides archival and records management services, technical assistance, education, financial aid, and cooperative services. Working in partnership with archivists, librarians, records managers, governmental officials, and citizens, the Division of Library and Information Services seeks to assure access to materials and information of past, present, and future value to enable local libraries and agencies to provide effective information services for the benefit of the people of Florida.