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Applicable for General Program Support, Specific Cultural Project, and Fast Track Project grants

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1. How do I know if I received a grant? What is my award amount?

For General Program Support and Specific Cultural Projects, you will receive an e-mail from your program manager after the Governor has approved the budget for the fiscal year of the grant. They will notify you if your eligible grant was funded.

For Fast Track Projects, you will know if you were funded after the panel meeting. The program manager will also confirm your grant award amount by e-mail.

You can also check your award amount by logging into the online grant application system and selecting the application in question under My Proposals

2. How do I get my contract?

In order to receive your contract, you must complete the Contract Details Form in the online grant system. To access the form, login to the online grants system. From the Grants drop down, select "My Grants." Click "Details" next you your current grant year. This puts you on the Grants Details page. In the middle of the page, you will see "Forms and Reports." This is where you will be able to find the forms that grantees are required to submit during the grant period. Find "Contract Details form" and in the "Actions" column, choose "Edit."

The Contract Details Form contains the Scope of Work, Deliverables, and updated budget (General Program Support only) that must be submitted before the Division can issue your contract. Complete all three tabs and remember to "Save Changes."

The Scope of Work is a summary of the programmatic activities that will be completed during the grant period and should include all of your Deliverables. The Deliverables are the tasks identified in the Scope of Work that must be completed in order to trigger the 2nd and all subsequent payments. For GPS, the budget on this form will be used to submit changes to the application budget if the award amount is less than requested in the application. You will need to adjust your budget to match your award amount. Please consider simplifying your budget into fewer budget categories as this can be much easier to manage. remember you do not have to match funds in each line item; you must simply show the correct match amount in your totals.

When your three Contract Details tabs have been completed, click the "Submit" button in the upper right corner. This will alert your program manager so that the form can be reviewed and approved. Both the Grant Award Agreement and the Award Letter will be available under "Contracts" when approved. You will need to print out the contract, have it signed and witnessed, then scanned and uploaded back into the Activity Log.

3. What is the Grant Award Agreement?

The Grant Award Agreement is the contract between the grantee and the Division. It includes the requirements for the administration of the grant. The grantee's authorized official must sign and return this agreement to the Division within 30 days of the date on the award letter. Applicants that fail to return the agreement within 30 days of the date on the award letter will have their grant rescinded by the Division unless a program manager has approved an award agreement extension (see extensions).

The contract with original signatures by the authorized official and witness must be scanned and uploaded into the Activity Log.

Payments will not be released until the Grant Award Agreement has been executed.

4. How do I submit a Substitute W-9?

A copy of your State of Florida Substitute W-9 must be submitted with the signed contract in order to initiate payment. You can submit and access your W-9 at Once completed, you can find a PDF file of the State of Florida Substitute W-9 by clicking on View/Print. 

The Substitute W-9 that must by submitted with your contract looks like this: 


Your organization name on the Substitute W-9 and the name on your grant contract should match exactly. If you have problems accessing your Substitute W-9, contact the Department of Financial Services at [email protected] or 850.413.5519.

5. How do I set up direct deposit?

We recommend that you choose to use electronic funds transfer (EFT) to receive your grant payments.

All grantees wishing to receive their award through EFT must submit a Electronic Payment Authorization form to the Florida Department of Financial Services.

If EFT has already been set up for your organization, you do not need to submit another authorization form unless you have changed bank accounts.

A direct deposit/EFT sign-up form is available on the Vendors page on the Department of Financial Services web site. That page also includes tools and information that allow you to check on payments. The form may be accessed directly here.

6. How do I get my first payment?

You will receive your first payment after the you have uploaded all award documents and a copy of your Florida Substitute W-9.

No payments will be released until all grant award documents have been signed by the grantee and approved by the Division. You will receive your payment 4 to 6 weeks after the contract is executed.

7. How do I receive subsequent payments?

Payments shall be released upon the receipt and approval of the Grant Funds Expenditure Log and a Payment/Request Invoice form. Each Log must list all grant expenditures, including transaction numbers, payees, dates of payment, transaction amounts, date activity completed. The Log must support the satisfactory completion of Deliverables for each payment. You must also submit a copy of the evidence that the deliverable was completed. This is listed in the contract for each deliverable.

Payments are made available in quarterly installments. Process Dates, or when grant funds are available to be disbursed, are as follows:

  • First payment: 7/1 (July 1st)
  • Second payment: 10/1 (October 1st)
  • Third payment: 1/1 (January 1st)
  • Fourth payment: 4/1 (April 1st)

Note: Payments will not be processed if the organization is in non-compliance status with the Division. Organizations may be put into non-compliance status because of overdue reports, missing or incomplete Grant Award Documents, or for administrative reasons.

8. How do I submit the Grant Funds Expenditure Log?

Grantees must submit a Grant Funds Expenditures log and Payment Request/Invoice form for each payment to the Division. A final grant report is required at the end of the grant period. A Grant Funds Expenditures Log must be submitted after each quarter’s funds are spent to show successful completion of that quarter’s Deliverables. An approved log from the previous quarter will trigger Payments 2, 3, and 4.


The Grant Fund Expenditure Log is found in the "Forms and Reports" section of your grant in the online system. Always remember to click the "submit" button so your program manager is alerted to activity. The Payment Request Form is also in the same section and must be submitted along with the Expenditure Log.

For General Program Support and Specific Cultural Project grants, the State Funds Used column in the log must total the amount of your first payment (25% of the total grant award).

The Description/Deliverable column must make reference to the Task/Deliverable from the contract for that payment or list the Task/Deliverable exactly as it appears in the contract.

The Deliverable Date Completed column should list the date that the Task/Deliverable from the contract was completed. 

9. How do I amend my grant contract?

An approved Contract Details form becomes part of the Grant Award Agreement between the grantee and the Division. Therefore the grantee must contact their Program Manager for any changes to the Scope of Work, Deliverables or Budget.

Changes include any deviation from the proposal as outlined in the grant application and/or Deliverables, Scope of Work, or budget in the Grant Award Agreement.

  • Program Changes: 
    • changes in program content that result in revision of goals, objectives, or activities; and 
    • inability to complete the programming for which grant funds were awarded.
  • Budget Changes:
    • budget changes from the approved Contract Details;
    • addition of an expense line where none existed in the approved budget;
    • budget changes which include a decrease in the total expenses of the approved proposal by 25% or more;
    • a change in line item expense of 50% or more;
    • charging admission or fees when the proposed activity was free to the public; and
    • introduction of a subcontractor relationship where none existed in the application.

The Division will approve or deny a change request based on whether the change is directly related to the goals or objectives of the funded application.

If changes are implemented without the Division’s written approval, the grantee will be placed in noncompliance, and the grant award will be reduced or completely refunded to the State of Florida, in accordance with the Grant Award Agreement.

10. How do I submit a Final Grant Report?

The Final Grant Report can be submitted in the online grant system

This report includes information and documentation that the proposed programming was completed in compliance with the Grant Award Agreement and these guidelines. Grantees must also submit support materials showing the required division credit and demonstrating that the funded activities took place.

The Division uses the information provided in the grant report to:

  • compile performance reports for the Florida Legislature and for Congress (via the National Endowment for the Arts);
  • develop advocacy materials and data to support future funding needs;
  • provide statistical information requested by local, regional, and national arts and cultural organizations;
  • aid in evaluating the success of Division programs;
  • identify emerging cultural needs; and
  • compile an annual Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) report.

A final grant report (including support materials) is due on July 30. Grantees that fail to submit a report on the due date will be placed into noncompliance. Failure to comply will result in the demand for the return of all funds paid.

When the final report has been approved by the Division, the grant is considered closed.

11. Can I expend funds relating to the grant project or period before or after the project dates?

No. All funds must be committed and all matching funds must be received and committed by the end of the grant period.

State funds may not be committed prior to July 1 in the appropriated fiscal year, or the date of the grant award agreement, whichever is later.