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Florida Folklife Council

The Florida Folklife Council consists of seven members appointed by the Secretary of State to provide geographical, ethnic and professional representation. Members advise and assist the Division of Historical Resources and the Florida Folklife Program with respect to the following goals:

  • building statewide public interest and participation in folklife;
  • developing and promoting traditional artists, performers, and folklife resources;
  • recommending projects for the identification, collection, preservation and presentation of Florida cultural heritage throughout the state;
  • and developing proposals to fund projects

Listen to the first Folklife Council meeting recorded on October 16, 1979, on Florida Memory.

Upcoming Meetings & Materials

Dr. Peggy A. Bulger

Fernandina Beach
Term: 9/1/15 - 9/1/19 

Dr. Bulger served as the Director of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress from 1999-2011. She began her professional career as Florida's first state folklorist (1975-1988) before becoming the Folk Arts Director and Senior Program Officer for the Southern Arts Federation, now South Arts. Dr. Bulger served as president of the American Folklore Society, co-authored South Florida Folklife, and edited Musical Roots of the South. She has produced several recordings, including Deep South Musical Roots Tour and Drop On Down in Florida, and has directed several ethnographic films.

Dr. Bulger earned a Ph.D. in Folklore and Folklife from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation is a study of folklorist and activist Stetson Kennedy, who was the director of folklore, oral history and ethnic studies for the Florida Writers' Project of the WPA during the 1930s and 1940s. After retiring from the American Folklife Center, Dr. Bulger returned to Florida where she continues to be active in the field of folklife with research projects and consultancies.

Dr. Keith Cartwright 


Associate Professor of English, UNF
Term: 6/1/13 - 6/1/17

Dr. Cartwright is an Associate Professor of English at the University of North Florida, where he serves on the Advisory Board for the African Diaspora Studies Program. He also serves as a Board Member of the Stetson Kennedy Foundation. His primary areas of research include African American, Caribbean, Southern, and West African literatures; African Diaspora studies; West African expressive traditions and creative writing and poetry.

Dr. Cartwright is the author of several books and journal articles, including Reading Africa into American Literature: Epics, Fables, Gothic Tales, which was selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title in 2003. Dr. Cartwright earned a B.A. in English from the University of the South, Sewannee, an M.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Arkansas, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Indiana University.

Dr. Annette B. Fromm

Term: 1/1/17 - 1/1/21

Dr. Fromm is the former Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies program at Florida International University. Dr. Fromm, a folklorist and museum specialist, has over thirty years of experience in museums and community projects in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Florida. Her work has ranged from institutions which emphasize ethnic cultural diversity to historic preservation.

Dr. Fromm has published articles on immigrant-ethnic groups in America, Native Americans in museums, multicultural museums, historic preservation and community, Jews in Greece, Sephardic folklore, Greek folklore, and folk art. Fromm is the past-President of the International Committee of Museums of Ethnography, an international committee of the International Council of Museums.

Dr. Jerrilyn McGregory


Professor of Folklore, FSU
Term: 8/18/15 - 8/18/19 

Dr. McGregory is a Professor of Folklore in the Department of English at Florida State University, where she specializes in African-American literature and folklore. She is the author of Wiregrass Country, about the folklife of the wiregrass region of north Florida, as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals. Her specific research areas include: regional folklore, African American folklore, African American literature, African Diaspora Studies, onomastics, and Boxing Day celebrations.

Robin Reshard

Creative Director of Robert Robino Productions
Term: 1/1/17 - 1/1/21

As the creative director of Robert Robino Productions, Mrs. Reshard has advocated for and created content about African American culture and history. She has developed a variety of projects, including a public television show that explores community networks, a historic document exhibition and a documentary about the historic Belmont DeVilliers neighborhood. She has authored two books, and is a host and co-producer of The Pensacola Network Show.

Mrs. Reshard is a past chair of Visit Pensacola, and serves on the boards of Pensacola Community Action Network, Historic Brownsville Community, and the Belmont DeVilliers Neighborhood Association, as well as other committees. She holds a M.S. in community economic development from Southern New Hampshire University.

Timothy F. Schmand

Interim Executive Director, Coconut Grove Business Improvement District
Term: 1/1/15 - 1/1/19 

Mr. Schmand is the Interim Executive Director of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District. He is the former Executive Director of the Bayfront Park Management Trust, a City of Miami agency responsible for managing 61 acres of urban waterfront parkland. The facilities that were under his management are among the most popular special event sites serving Miami's diverse communities. Mr. Schmand is also an award-winning author whose fiction has appeared in both popular and literary journals. He possesses a B.A. in Political Science from State University College of New York at Buffalo and an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College.

Dr. Natalie Underberg-Goode

Natalie Underberg

Associate Professor of Digital Media and Folklore, UCF

Term: 1/1/15 - 1/1/19 

Dr. Natalie Underberg-Goode is Associate Professor of Digital Media and Folklore at the University of Central Florida School of Visual Arts and Design, specializing in the use of digital media to preserve and disseminate folklore and cultural heritage. She is the co-author of Digital Ethnography: Anthropology, Narrative, and New Media, as well as more than 20 articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings. Her research has been presented at many national and international conferences.

In addition to research, Dr. Underberg-Goode has developed core courses for the Digital Media and Latin American Studies programs and electives for the Film and Texts and Technology programs at UCF. She currently teaches courses on digital storytelling and research.