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Certified Local Governments

Q: What is a Certified Local Government grant?
A: Certified Local Government (CLG) grants are federally-funded small matching historic preservation grants available only to Florida’s Certified Local Governments to assist their historic preservation programs.

Q: What is a Certified Local Government?
A: Certified Local Governments are municipal and county governments which have made historic preservation a public policy through the passage of a historic preservation ordinance. Participation in the CLG program allows local governments to partner with other CLGs to share preservation ideas and experiences, as well as the opportunity to compete for CLG grants. For more information about the CLG program visit the Certified Local Governments page on this website .

Q: Who can apply for a CLG grant?
A: Only local governments designated by the National Park Service as CLGs are eligible to apply for a CLG grant. For example, a non-profit organization located within a CLG is not eligible to apply for a CLG grant, but may be eligible to apply for other historic preservation grants.

Q: What types of projects may be funded by a CLG grant?
A: CLG grants can assist a variety of historic preservation projects, including survey and planning activities, the preparation of National Register nominations, and community education projects.

Q: How are CLG grants funded?
A: CLG grants are funded through a federal grant apportioned to the Division of Historical Resources by the National Park Service. Federal regulations require that at least 10% of this grant be sub-granted to CLGs. Recently, around a total of $118,000 in matching grant assistance has been made available to Florida’s CLGs.

Q: What is the average amount of a CLG grant?
A: Recently, CLG grants average around $25,000 and cannot exceed $50,000.

Q: What are the application and management requirements for CLG grants?
A: Detailed information about these requirements may be found under the Division of Historical Resources’ Guidelines for Small Matching grants. The requirements are the same as for state funded grants.

Q: Who should I contact for more information about CLG grants?
A: Questions regarding CLG grants and the CLG program should be directed to Megan McDonald, at 850.245.6365 or toll free at 1.800.847.7278.